Monday, August 15, 2011

Don't Rent from HERTZ

I thought a Hertz Donut was when you twisted someone's nose. Apparently it actually involves renting from Hertz. A few months back, my parents rented a car from Hertz while on vacation. They got rear-ended in their rental car a few days later.

I figured this would be a pretty simple case. You get rear-ended, the person who hit you is responsible. Pretty cut and dry. Well, not when you rent from Hertz. They charged my parents for the damages and once Hertz got paid, they did nothing to pursue the guy responsible for the accident, even though my parents got all his insurance information and sent it to Hertz. Is this taking care of your customers? Not exactly. Is this doing what's right? Not exactly. 

In addition to Hertz clearly being lazy and greedy, they won't even provide my parents with an itemized bill for the repairs, which they need in order to dispute the charge. I guess, once Hertz got their money, they didn't think it was necessary to take care of their customers.

How does this apply to Dinosaur Feathers? Well, for one - it's my parents. And two, as our fellow bands know, things happen on the road. We have been forced to get a rental in the past because of car problems. So fellow bands - if you're in that difficult place in the future - DO NOT RENT FROM HERTZ. They will not take care of you if something goes wrong. Hurts, don't it?

If someone from Hertz happens to read this and wants to actually fix the problem, email and I can put you in touch with my parents. If Hertz decides to make things right, I'd even re-issue this post with an apology and perhaps even an endorsement. Until then, they won't see our business.


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