Thursday, January 26, 2012

House Party Benefit Show

As many of you may have heard, two weeks ago our van was broken into and most of our equipment was stolen (see a full list of the gear here). We've done everything we're supposed to do: file a police report, pursue all insurance claim avenues, search the Internet and music stores for the gear. Not surprisingly, we have not found any gear and both car insurance and homeowners insurance clams were dead ends. So, now we're looking for other ways to raise some dough and get the gear we need, so we can start working on our next record and tour in support of the new album we have coming out on April 10th. In other words...HOUSE PARTY BENEFIT SHOW!

House Party in Fort Greene, Brooklyn
(just email for the address)

_Shark? (Old School Set) - 1
__Dinosaur Feathers - 12
___Gunfight! - 11
____I'm Turning Into - 10
_____Senors of Marseilles - 9

Doors @ 8 - Show @ 9 
TICKETS - $5 - Additional Donations Welcome

We'll have more info to come - including a facebook invite and hopefully information on an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. In the meantime, please mark your calendars and tell your friends!

Love always,

Dinosaur Feathers

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